What people are saying about our courses and classes

"I can't explain how much I've enjoyed this course. I've found it helpful in many areas of my life. Most dramatic of these is my sleeping which has been awful prior to starting, but its consistently so much better when using the body scan at bedtime."
"Great course. Really gave me techniques and practices to help cope with stress at work. Practical and useful.."
"A worthwhile course for settling the mind at busy times in your life."
"A practical course which enables one to engage the mind and body to become aware of how precious we all are, and we can become stronger in making choices in the world. The course encourages you to find your best self."
"An excellent introduction to tuning into my potential for living in the present without compromising on my values. Understanding how to be aware and when to take action."
"Highly recommend mindfulness. Mike is a good teacher."
"It's interesting - you learn about yourself and how to control your thoughts/ feelings to use them productively."
"A very calming and lovely experience - one which I can use for the rest of my life."
"A nice variety of activities that puts life into perspective. I like the use of the poems in the handouts - much wisdom there."
"Great! I thought the teaching quality was excellent and everything was extremely useful."
"Very good, enjoyed the mindfulness exercises but loved the reintroduction to Yoga."
"Loved it."
"When challenging events come up I feel I have been able to cope better with the situation and my reaction to it. Physically I feel stronger and mentally healthier. Many thanks - keep up the good work."
"I'm overall more content, relaxed and positive since starting the course."
"A very useful course for taking yoga and mindfulness principles off the mat and into our everyday lives. Mike and Yvonne's inclusive approach means that all can benefit."
"Really enjoyed it. Good balance of yoga and meditation. Learnt a lot and will be back for more."
"Most useful. Learning to be mindful has been beneficial on a daily basis for calming down racing thoughts."
"It was a magical time, I'm so glad I came. The meditation in the old chapel and the mindfulness on the beach were really lovely, and I enjoyed the yoga."
"Useful and enjoyable...I would certainly recommend it to others."
"A very open and informative course, taught by 2 people who clearly know their stuff...for me it hits the right notes."

A deep and authentic practice

Leigh on Sea Mindfulness and Yoga classes