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Mindfulness In Leigh on Sea

By watching our present experience without losing ourselves in it, we can gain a real sense of perspective about a given situation, about ourselves and about our entrenched habits and patterns. This ability to notice without reacting, is a vital key in gaining an insight and a freedom from these often unconscious behaviours and feelings.

The end result is more ease, more joy, a greater sense of control and a reduction in our feelings of frustration or of 'being stuck.'

Whether you'd like to just gain some experience and practise of mindfulness firsthand, or whether you'd like to undertake a 4 week Introduction to Mindfulness or the 8 week MBSR course on dates that suit you, coaching offers a good choice.

Mindfulness coaching is also extremely helpful with short term problems too. The same process helps us with procrastination, with anger and with anxiety to name a few.


NLP is a model that helps us understand how we make sense of the world, how we organise our thinking, skills, feelings and behaviour.
It gives us the practical tools to bring our existing strengths to other areas of our lives.

Mike trained with the creator of NLP, Richard Bandler and with Paul McKenna. Over the last 20 years, he has helped people change their limiting beliefs, to overcome the fear of public speaking, the fear of flying, examination nerves, obsessive thinking, giving up particular foods and lifelong nail biting.

In Person

We have a lovely home studio here in Leigh On Sea that's perfect for a one-to-one.

£45 - 60 mins of yoga or mindfulness
£50 - 90 mins of yoga & mindfulness combined
+£5 - For 2 people


Through Zoom, you can train in the comfort of your own home or if you're away on business in a hotel.

£45 - 60 mins of mindfulness

Beach Walk

Practising outdoors can be a great experience and is a real chance to wake up our senses. A coaching session on the beach is an option in warm weather.

£50 - 60 mins mindfulness practice on the beach

A deep and authentic practice

With over 30 years of experience